Thermal Insulation - Exhaust Blankets featured in Mining Review

As appeared in the October Edition of the Australian Mining Review,

Glowing, exposed exhaust manifolds and housings can reach well in excess of 800deg. C which far exceeds the flash point of diesel and even heavy engine oil. The answer is to cover those dangerously hot components with custom fitted themal blankets to insulate them from ignition sources and provide a neater, safer system.  They not only significantly reduce the chance of fire but also protect maintenance personnel from burns and help reduce engine compartment temperatures.  Insulation can combat resonance from vibration transfer and acoustically improve conditions in cabins and nearby. Also known to keep engine inlet temperatures down and improve the life of proximally mounted electronics.

The covers are tailored to fit, which is important in cramped engine compartments. Pyrotek has developed a wide range of custom and stock thermal blankets and exhaust covers for use in the mining and oil and gas industries.  Once a template is made it is digitised and stored on file, and when it comes time to fabricate the cover, each layer of each panel material is precision laser cut for a perfect fit each time. The cover is then assembled and stitched together by qualified tradespeople at Pyrotek's ISO9001 compliant manufacturing site in Queensland, Australia.

  • Access is retained for bolts and valve controls during repair & maintenance.
  • Easy to remove and refit via lacing hooks, wire, or springs, rings, belts, buckles, hook and loop or zippers as appropriate.
  • Fulfil Mine-spec approved criteria - totally non absorbent to avoid absorbing fuel or oil.
  • PTFE or silicon coated fibreglass outer layer.
  • Variations on composition as needed, can also be IMO approved for certified marine applications.
  • High performance silicon-coated clothes and knitted stainless steel mesh inserts.

undercover thermal blanketsMine-approved covers are made to meet strict criteria and are proven in the harshest environments across the industry.