Protection where its needed: Vapor barrier

In the offshore LNG industry, pipeline insulation and protection is a highly specialised field. Easy to install solutions are favoured by many companies where protecting assets and employees from noise and thermal conductivity is crucial. Pipelines often require on-going, costly maintenance and permeability becomes an issue to combat. Ensuring use of the right materials for insulation means protection is achieved and often as a bonus, proper insulation can successfully mitigate vapor transfer within the pipe wrapping system. Recommended best practice insulation systems can involve many layers and a bulky solution is believably proven to be the most robust fix for the challenge at hand. What many don't realise is that protection from noise and vapor transfer can be achieved in one product.

Of course the primary purpose is the material's acoustic ability to protect the hearing of workers. Promoting industrial comfort is good business as staff protected from exposure to any high noise levels - enjoy safe working environments and make better daily decisions in efficient working cycles. High performance materials like Quadzero MVT effectively protect from acoustic transfer, but also permeability - addressing moisture and vapor transfer to ultimately help increase the service life of steel pipes.

There are many agreed and proven configurations of layered insulation systems on the market, however the composition and longevity of materials should be considered. Including properly certified (preferably independently tested) systems is recommended. 

Finding the right solution for pipework is important for effective insulation from noise, thermal transfer and ideally vapor transfer too. Pyrotek have teams lending their experience to this sector all across the world with Norsok certified solutions and expertise for installation in extreme environments.  

  • Every setup is unique and some pipelines are designed with typical configurations in mind. The flexibility of said materials can effect ease of install which is where a thinner, reinforced barrier becomes more suitable to complex scenarios.
  • Maintenance  - longevity of pipework considered at the beginning of a new insulation project can reduce costs and complexity of maintenance over time.
  • Quality ISO9001 produced materials means reassurance with proven, reliable polymers. 

Other solutions in the LNG sector range from removable noise protection curtains and covers, specialised vibration damping and anti-condensation compounds.Our experts create - uniquely measured systems of curtains, covers and pipe jackets to suit various applications. Fittings are designed to ensure parts and jackets are easily removed for maintenance requirements. To find out more contact your local Pyrotek Sales Engineer.

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