Protect against Aircraft noise - flyovers on the rise

Are you looking to address noise from increasing frequency or low flyovers from aircraft overhead? Wavebar makes a huge difference. With its flexibility, Wavebar can be installed into wall cavities (and ceilings) to provide extra mass and cover up points of weakness in structures. Control external noise interference from aircraft, traffic, and rain noise. Awareness of living close to airports means a number of considerations, however, if designer, specifier, and builder will take due diligence to ensure adequate protection from exterior noise, urban living can mean homes remain a sanctuary away from the noisy city outside.

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Wavebar® is a high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss. Designed to meet market requirements it has been effectively used to reduce noise transfer in building, commercial, industrial, and automotive markets, globally. With high tensile strength and flexibility Wavebar is the solution of choice for many different roof types including Colorbond™ and under exterior cladding.

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"By 2020 there will be no unused slots for aircraft movements during peak times, and by 2027 there will be no free slots at any time of the day. At Sydney Airport's full capacity, the ability to use the east-west runway will diminish further as larger modern planes can only utilise the longer north-south runways."

Set to open in 2026, the Western Sydney International Airport (Nancy-Bird Walton) project has begun. Planning nearby is beginning to take shape and consideration for nearby residents should consider environmental changes to the greater area over the next 20 years. With some planning, the land around the new airport has been conserved, thus creating a protected space. This so far allows Western Sydney Airport to operate without a curfew, ensuring 24/7 connectivity and more activity day and night.

Residents of suburbs surrounding airports are typically at risk of being greatly impacted by loud overhead aircraft noise. With the constant need to build cheaper, lighter houses, the requirement for adequate acoustic insulation can be left ignored. This often leads to poor privacy and unacceptable levels of background noise (such as flyover noise). Even being several kilometres away from the airport won't eliminate the need to consider overhead flight path noise sources.

Don't make that oversight. Design liveable buildings. Specify Wavebar. Protect for the future.

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