Providing a quieter journey - Download whitepaper on rail noise to learn more

Understanding airborne, structural and rail induced noise sources and solutions is key to improving noise mitigation efforts for mass transit and new infrastructure projects taking place around the world.

With the right combination of soundproofing products your passengers will be protected against disruptive vibration and low frequency noise.

There are many well proven solutions where sound damping, absorbing and reflective products  are used in conjunction with highly resonant construction materials across a variety of mitigation methods to address the issue. With the right expertise, manufacturers can ideally create a more comfortable, quiet and safe trip for passengers, without compromising on design or adding undue weight or bulk.

The whitepaper document available on our brochures page here also mentions reverberation inside rail tunnels with non-combustible, simple to install, internationally certified options for engineered systems.  

Pyrotek® provides innovative noise control products and tailored acoustic insulation solutions to global rail, infrastructure and architectural markets.With an inhouse engineering team, Pyrotek® can create highly specialised products to designed specifications and performance requirements.

Tunnel Train Test

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