Check out Pyrotek @ Paradigm Shift NZ

Have a look below, our very own Sean Dickie and team are famous as they take part in the Wellington Paradigm Shift - New Zealand's leading industry event for architects and designers.

paradigm shift 2

Specifiers unite as they learn about the best building materials and technology available. Iconic architecture projects seek to include the best, and it's safe to say quality building inclusions are what make the difference to the end user experience of any space over time.

Showcasing Soundlag, Wavebar and Sorberbarrier composites there was much to learn and talk about as the team met many customers and fellow suppliers as they travelled to the various sites and opening nights during May.

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 As featured on the Facebook homepage of Paradigm Shift NZ behind USA architect Michele Saee. He speaks briefly on intention when working on international "iconic" architectural projects. He cites using the best of his knowledge and experience to create value in his buildings.

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