Reapor Along Gunnedah Rail Line

The challenges

Increasing the rail speed and frequency of movements produces greater noise emissions effecting townships. This has resulted in a requirement for a high performance noise mitigation strategy, incorporating Noise Walls. Hebel has been successfully adopted throughout the Upper Hunter freight corridor to reduce noise.

The design, supply and installation of a Hebel noise wall incorporating Reapor within the corridor was undertaken, with aesthetics of the community being considered.

The solutions

Noise Walls were built throughout the Gunnedah Rail Corridor in order to minimise the impact of noise pollution caused from trains entering and exiting Gunnedah.

Reapor acoustic panels were installed at Noise Wall 1 and 2 adjacent to the corridor. Unique feature panels with Australian imagery were incorporated into noise wall 3 and 4.

The results

The installation of Reapor over Hebel was a unique solution to address high frequency noise in the surrounding area. Installing Reapor is fast, lightweight and easy to handle.

High performance noise mitigation strategy protects townships.

Document downloads

Document title Document type Document language
REAPOR-TDS-217IP Technical Data Sheet English
REAPOR-INSTALL-217IG Installation Guide English
Acoustic Comfort in Urban Design Brochure English
Reducing noise transfer and improving sound absorption Brochure English
Pyrotek Building Catalogue 2018 Catalogues English
Pyrotek Tunnel Catalogue 2018 Catalogues English
REAPOR-TDS-CZ-217IP Technical Data Sheet Czech
REAPOR-INSTALL-CZ-217IG Installation Guide Czech