Airport uses Wavebar for Flightpath noise

The challenges

When the new shopping centre complex was built, the designers needed to consider its location - being an outlet centre as part of the Perth Airport precinct. High quality outlets and luxury brands, the location is not only on a nearby highway, the centres' location within the airport means it is exposed to high frequency aircraft noise.

The solutions

Wavebar 6KG and 8kg were included in the construction of the ceiling to treat aircraft noise. Quadzero is also recommended for airport noise treatment.Wavebar® is a high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss.

An effective noise barrier will seal and protect occupants from outside high impact noise transfer.

Installed by Fletcher Insulation.

The results

Achieving a quieter experience and better ambience within the building, the developer prides itself on providing 'a shopping environment you won't want to leave.'

Achieving a quieter experience and better ambience within the building

Document downloads

Document title Document type Document language
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Wavebar-Install-304-1IG Installation Guide English
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WAVEBAR-TDS-US311IP Technical Data Sheet English
WAVEBAR-QUADZERO-LNG-PIPE-INSTALL-304-2IG Installation Guide English
How noise affects concentration Brochure English
QUADZERO-TDS-312IP Technical Data Sheet English
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