Melbourne Tennis Centre Broadcaster Box

The challenges


Each year, Tennis Australia convert five “Super Boxes” into broadcast booths hired out to various television broadcast companies from around the world. Due to sound emanating from each box, Tennis Australia received several complaints about the reverberation and sound transfer between booths. The lack of acoustics within the booths, meant continuous disruptions for media personnel – urgent attention was required if the boxes were to remain useable or fit for purpose.

The unwanted noise entering individual broadcasting boxes was just one of many headaches for the occupants. The difficulty to move freely around the booths contributed to increased noise levels. Previous insulation of ‘improvised’ foam, secured with pins and washers it did not result in an acceptable outcome. An inadequate door and poorly positioned flooring joins contributed to the interruptions and increased noise transfer.

The solutions


Modular demountables, were designed and fitted out with Pyrotek acoustic solutions, including Wavebar to ceilings which would address flanking issues, Subdue flooring fitted to steel track, and Echohush Profile acoustic foam panels on the walls to absorb and protect speech, resulting in improved broadcasting conditions. Wavebar, Subdue and Echohush provide high quality acoustic performance and easy installation to meet the robust service life of 3-5 years.

The additional attention made to the flooring solutions, allowed movement freely around each booths without added reverberation.

The results


The proven acoustic system from Pyrotek has delivered a significant noise reduction from within the booths, with an increase installation time of each demountable – saving the client labours costs on set up and bump out.

The outcome is highly professional, and much safer.  With the improvements, Tennis Australia is now able to offer a broadcasting area that includes privacy between booths, enabling both functionality and comfort for commentators.

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tennis call out
The comfort of broadcasters and improved quality of the broadcast was highly regarded.
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Document downloads

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Echohush-Profile-Install-228IG Installation Guide English
Room Acoustics Brochure Brochure English
ECHOHUSH-PROFILE-TDS-228IP Technical Data Sheet English