Echohush Dux Dine Christchurch

The challenges

Good food and conversation go hand in hand, and Dux Dine situated in a tastefully refurbished historic Villa on Riccarton Rd in Christchurch, New Zealand provides the perfect setting to enjoy both. With the iconic Dux de Lux suffering damage in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake,

Dux Dine was born as a partial successor to recreate the restaurant arm of the popular original venue. The bones of the Villa have been thoughtfully transformed and embellished to create a selection of unique spaces which compliment a range of dining and social experiences.

One space is the verandah which can be partially opened and closed depending on the weather. Whilst fully enclosed, the relatively hard surfaced interior created a challenging buildup of echoes when guests conversed with one another.

The solutions

Echohush Metro Panel was selected based on its ability to reduce reverberation and absorb unwanted noise energy, whilst offering a visually appealing feature that would complement the existing décor.

Forman Insulation Ltd was employed to install the Echohush Metro Panels, which were strategically positioned throughout the ceiling and wall.

The results

As confirmed by Ross Herrick, manager of the Dux Group, the effects of the panels have been well received. “What we decided on has improved the acoustics immensely and we and our guests are now enjoying a far better suited acoustic ambiance.

dux dine main
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Pyrotek’s Echohush range has a proven record of accomplishment in reducing noise levels in bars, cafés and restaurants.