Axis N500 High end offshore platform uses Decidamp DC30

The challenges

The Axis N500 project is a semi-submersible accommodation platform for operation in the North Sea. Constructed by COSCO Shipyard, the offshore vessel includes comfortable living areas with the aim of providing high quality facilities for employees. Better work conditions and safer areas on board.

Problematic noise transfer occurred from an air compressor immediately under the staff recreation rooms specifically below the main meeting and cinema rooms on the platform. The machinery required an effective isolation system to prevent vibration travelling through the steel structure.

The compressor is secured to the structure of ship by rigid fasteners, with a typically poor isolation system resulting in large amounts of vibration sent up through bulkhead. A suitable damping system was required to reduce transfer of vibration into deck above and essentially from all sides of the compressor room. 

The solutions

With international manufacture under DNV Classification, and high-performance results tested over many projects and years of proven results, Decidamp DC30 was the solution of choice. 

With noisy machinery located in close proximity to staff facilities, a suitable vibration damping system was required to address vibration and structure borne noise transfer. High quality damping compounds add light‐weight mass to absorb and dissipate resonant vibration, effectively treating the noise source.

Decidamp DC30 was applied to a metal counterplate which was then bonded to the surface areas be treated. During curing, it bonds to both the counter plate and substrate to ensure an effective damping system. Corrosion resistant and highly thixotropic it was easily used on vertical surfaces without slumping.

The results

Decidamp DC30 is tested and is known for performing well over a wide temperature range thus it is perfect in variable environments such as those experienced within vessel sub-structure and offshore marine applications. The corrosion resistant, high performance damping solution was ideal to solve the noise issue from the air compressor.



N500 main side cs
DC30 in compressor cs
Protecting the leisure areas on board from vibration and noise was important for crew comfort
offshore cinema

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