ANZ Centre Docklands uses Quadzero

The challenges

The largest single-tenanted commercial office building in Australia have a positive wellbeing vision to 'create a positive work environment where staff can thrive'. Housing approximately 6500 employees, a team were enlisted to resolve noise issues between workrooms in the newly built HQ.

Acoustic separation is designed into the workplace for meeting rooms to stop flanking noise between walls and ceilings. The difficult task of decreasing the transfer between rooms was taken on board by Acoustic Solutions with the help of Pyrotek products. 

In most cases walls are not constructed up to the finished concrete slab. They are generally built up to suspended ceiling height which can leave a large gap between the slab and the finished ceiling. Any noise generated in one room will easily travel over the partition wall and into the next. This can cause major distraction in the work place along with breaches in confidentiality when private matters are being discussed.

The solutions

Quadzero was used in the ceiling plenum of 40 rooms to address ceiling noise transmission. The effective mass loaded vinyl barrier was included to achieve high performance protection from flanking.The Wavebar/Quadzero range includes mass loaded vinyl varieties to offer superior acoustic transmission loss and achieve a reduction of noise transfer, particularly where conversations and neighbouring noise is noticeable travelling between rooms. It was included around the plenum areas between the ceiling & partition cavity above.

The results

By installing Quadzero above the four partition walls as acoustic plenum baffles the office spaces offer a high degree of sound separation. After install, normal conversations will now only sometimes be audible, but not intelligible.

The use of Quadzero creates superior transmission loss between walls and ceilings of the adjoining rooms.The results speak for themselves.

Image usage credit: Hassell Studio, Acoustic Solutions & Shutterstock.

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The team achieved a great work environment for the company's people to protect business conversations which further supports engagement and productivity. Quiet spaces, communal spaces and most importantly work spaces are appropriately soundproofed and suited to a variety of work styles.  With thin, dense highly flexible and tear resistant properties, the entire Wavebar family of mass loaded vinyl barriers continue to achieve high performance results.


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Quiet spaces, communal spaces and most importantly work spaces are appropriately soundproofed and suited to a variety of work styles.
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