Sneak preview! Treat vessel vibrations lighter, better and easier

As a leading manufacturer and provider of acoustic and thermal solutions for marine applications, Pyrotek, is offering a sneak preview of its latest innovation, Decidamp CLA (aluminium)/CLS (steel), at the marine equipment, materials and systems tradeshow, METSTRADE 2023. Decidamp CLA/CLS is specially designed to reduce the transmission of structure-borne noise and vibration in vessel structures, thereby enhancing the comfort of passengers and crew. 

This new constrained layer vibration damping tile is set to revolutionize the luxury yacht industry, thanks to its unique combination of superior performance, lightweight design and ease of installation. With its 50% higher damping performance compared to other products on the market, Decidamp CLA is the ideal solution for vessel builders and owners who demand the very best. Not only does Decidamp CLA provide exceptional vibration damping thanks to its viscoelastic core, but it also offers a significant weight reduction, making it the lightest product in its class.

Decidamp CLA/CLS offers easy installation thanks to its peel 'n stick backing, which makes it a quick and cost-effective solution for shipbuilders. This unique feature saves time and reduces the overall installation cost, making it an attractive option for those who value efficiency and convenience. With Decidamp CLA/CLS, shipyards can enjoy superior performance without the hassle of complex installation procedures.

"We are thrilled to introduce our latest product, which we believe will set a new standard for vibration damping in the marine industry," said Bradley Scott, Pyrotek Sales Manager and Marine Specialist. "Decidamp CLA/CLS is the result of Pyrotek Research & Development know-how, time and effort, and we are confident that the product will deliver exceptional performance and reliability to our customers." 

Decidamp CLA will now be available at our stand in the SuperYacht Pavilion at METSTRADE 2023 - 11.215 (SYP). Interested customers can stop by at the Pyrotek stand to talk to our team of marine specialists. Our team can also be contacted through the company profile on the METSTRADE website or by email at for more information. Stay tuned, as more details on Decidamp CLA/CLS will be coming soon! 

WEB Image Decidamp CLA CLS

Posted by Petra Voet