A quiet, sustainable future for Aldi and the local community

The challenges

Aldi, a supermarket chain with over 12,000 stores worldwide, recently unveiled a new spacious 1,500 square metre store in Sydney's Southwest. During the planning stages of the new Cobbitty store, the noise generated from a rooftop plant, housing various vital services, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and refrigeration units, was an important aspect that renowned acoustic consultants VMS were to consider.

The solutions

After an extensive search for a suitable solution to comply with the acoustic criteria, VMS Australia specified that Reapor be installed around the purpose-built 3-meter external wall to treat the noise source.

Reapor is an eco-friendly sound absorber manufactured from recycled glass granules that delivers high-performance noise absorption while enhancing the space with its visually stunning stone-like design. With versatility in both indoor and outdoor applications, Reapor demonstrated its dynamic nature for this application. The ability to endure various weather conditions added a layer of durability and resilience, crucial for ensuring long-lasting performance and sustainability. Additionally, Reapor's non-combustible fire resistance capabilities make it an ideal choice by providing the highest standard of protection for the community.  

The results

Over 100 square metres of Reapor was supplied and installed utilising the unique, discreet brackets and adhesive, cohering to Pyrotek’s installation guide specific for this application. The acoustic panels effectively absorbed the noise emitted by the various equipment, combating noise pollution, and achieving optimal comfort.

Upon completion of the project, the builders commended the seamless and quick installation process, attesting to the effective noise reduction post-installation. VMS provided Aldi with a comprehensive turnkey solution that effectively reduced environmental noise to surrounding residents and enhanced the retail atmosphere for shoppers. Reapor delivers a quiet, more sustainable future beneficial to all.

Reapor Aldi Image 1
Reapor Aldi Image 2
Builders commended the seamless and quick installation process, attesting to the effective noise reduction post-installation
Reapor Aldi Image 3

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