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Case studies

Pyrotek Helps Alleviate Loud Noise in Mining Vehicles
Ground Force is a leading manufacturer of equipment and vehicles for open-pit and underground mining in Europe and North and South America. Ground Force staff approached Pyrotek Noise Control USA to help address loud noise levels in the cabs of its vehicles. Pyrotek Noise Control recommended the installation of 'cab acoustic kits' made from pre-cut pieces of Pyrotek's sound absorbing material Sorberfoam V for the walls and ceiling and acoustic underlayment material Soundmat for the floors
Pyrotek Solves School Gym Noise Issue
Pyrotek was engaged to resolve excess noise levels in the gymnasium of Crusoe College. The installed Echohush acoustic panels were robust, durable and fit for task, whilst still providing quality noise control performance.

Latest news

Neapoli Cafe Revisited
Loud noise is often a bug bear for restaraunt and cafe patrons. The owners of Neapoli Cafe in Melbourne employed Pyrotek Noise Control to improve the ambiance of the cafe. Pyrotek's soundproofing solution was able to eliminate the loud noise and enhanced the dining experience for patrons, which has led to many public positive reviews.
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