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Neapoli Cafe Revisited
Loud noise is often a bug bear for restaraunt and cafe patrons. The owners of Neapoli Cafe in Melbourne employed Pyrotek Noise Control to improve the ambiance of the cafe.
Pyrotek Product Updates
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Soundpaint Brochure
Soundpaint's viscous and elastic properties effectively absorb and dissipate vibration energy from the flexural stress of the base structure. It thereby also increases transmission loss due to the reduction of panel coincidence and resonance effects.
Pyrotek at the ForArch Expo in the Czech Republic
Pyrotek Noise Control will be exhibiting at the ForArch Expo in the Czech Republic. The show is being held in Prague at the PVA Expo Praha from the 17th to 21st of September 2013.
Reverberation Calculator
Pyrotek Noise Control is excited to announce the launch of our on-line Reverberation Calculator.
New Room Acoustics Summary Catalogue
The Echohush range combines acoustics and aesthetics, maximising noise energy reduction by absorption, improving acoustics in rooms and enclosed spaces while providing strong visual qualities to suit any decor.
Pyrotek at the China International Boat Show
Pyrotek Noise Control will be exhibiting at the China International Boat Show. The show is being held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre from the 11th to the 14th of April.
Pyrotek at the Dubai International Boat Show
Pyrotek Noise Control will be exhibiting at the Dubai International Boat Show. The show is being held at the Dubai International Marine Club Mina Seyahi from the 5th to the 9th of March.
Air Conditioning Ducting Gets the Soundlag Treatment in Kuningan City
Kuningan City is a one-stop living solutions complex, located in the central business district of Jakarta. The City is a creation of the Agung Podomoro Group, a large developer in Indonesia, and comprises a shopping centre, office tower, apartments and a multi-purpose hall. But the office tower had a noise problem!
Pyrotek Noise Control at the New Orleans Workboat Show - December 2012
Pyrotek Noise Control exhibited at the New Orleans Workboat Show for the first time in 2012.
Pyrotek Noise Control at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show - October 2012
This year, Pyrotek Noise Control will be exhibiting at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show. The show is being held at the Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA from the 25th-29th October 2012.
Our Research - Vibration Damping Compounds & Light-weight Acoustic Panels
Pyrotek is always running research projects, looking at methods to improve existing products. At present we are developing new and innovative vibration damping compounds.
Pyrotek Noise Control Presents at International Congress on Acoustics in Sydney 2012
Pyrotek Noise Control has made an impact on the international stage, presenting research papers to acousticians from all over the world at the 20th International Congress on Acoustics (ICA) in Sydney this August.
Videos Demonstrating Soundproofing Using Wavebar & Soundlag
Two new videos showing soundproofing solutions using Wavebar and Soundlag are now available on the Pyrotek Noise Control website.
Pyrotek Launches Customisable & Recyclable Soundproofing Acoustic Panels
Two new acoustic panel products have been released by leaders in soundproofing technologies, Pyrotek Noise Control.
Soundguard Gets a New Name
Pyrotek Australia acquired Soundguard in 1972. Since that time the Soundguard division of Pyrotek has continued to grow and develop many new products and make a number of strategic acquisitions.

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Pyrotek Helps Alleviate Loud Noise in Mining Vehicles
Ground Force is a leading manufacturer of equipment and vehicles for open-pit and underground mining in Europe and North and South America. Ground Force staff approached Pyrotek Noise Control USA to help address loud noise levels in the cabs of its vehicles.
Pyrotek Solves School Gym Noise Issue
Pyrotek was engaged to resolve excess noise levels in the gymnasium of Crusoe College. The installed Echohush acoustic panels were robust, durable and fit for task, whilst still providing quality noise control performance.
Reapor solves Greenacres Golf Club, Rooftop plant & equipment noise
As part of the design specification for the new Green acres golf club facilities, there was a requirement to control noise generated by rooftop plant and equipment.

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