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Soundlag used in the Largest Emirates Resort
Madinat Jumeirah Hotel is a new 5 star Hotel been built in Dubai with a total of 440 rooms. Located next to the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel is set to be the largest resort the Emirates have ever seen.
United States Coastguard (USCG) Quadzero Nonlite System Approval
Quadzero Nonlite now has compliant system approval from United States Coastguard (USCG)
The Changing Face of Australian Hearing Loss
New WHO research indicates teens and young adults more at risk of hearing loss.
Isolate and eliminate vibration induced noise
Use Sylomer to isolate and eliminate vibration induced HVAC noise.
Stop Overhead Knocking
Pyrotek Noise Controls high performance acoustic underlay will stop you hearing your neighbour’s footsteps every time they move.
Keep Your Movie Premiere To Yourself
Pyrotek Noise Control offers complete solutions to soundproof your home theatre room.
Pyrotek Specialty Products at the Surat Basin Energy and Mining Expo 2014
Pyrotek Speciatly Products exhibited at the 2014 Surat Basin Energy and Mining Expo in Queensland, Australia.
Pyrotek at the 2014 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
Pyrotek Noise Control displayed its industry leading acoustic and specialty marine products at SCIBS 2014.
Lower the Volume
Pyrotek Noise Control has solutions to lower the volume of live musice venues, to provide peace and quiet for their neighbours.
Top 10 Noises Melbournians Love to Hate
Research has revealed that construction noise is the most hated noise in Melbourne. Read on to find out which other annoying noises made the top 10.
‘Build Back Smarter’ – For Peace of Mind
Residents of Christchurch New Zealand are rebuilding smarter houses using locally researched and tested acoustic products to reduce annoying noise levels.
Aircraft Noise Problems Continue For Sydney Aiport's Neighbouring Residents
Pyrotek Noise Control has a ready made solution to reduce irritating aircraft flyover noise.
Speak Up...We Can't Hear You
Hearing loss not only affects individuals but also others around them as communication becomes harder.
Eliminate Neighbourly Noise in High Density Residential Buildings
Pyrotek Noise Control’s high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier Wavebar reduces inter-room noise transmission providing comfort, privacy and confidentiality.
Sorberpoly 3D AGC meets highest requirement for new European Fire Standard EN45545-2
Pyrotek’s Sorberpoly 3D AGC has gained the highest compliance level to the new European Fire Safety Standard EN 44545.
Emerging International Market for Pyrotek Soundlag 4525C
Pyrotek has forged a path into the developing Chinese market with its industry-leading pipe lagging Soundlag 4525C.

Pyrotek Noise Control at the Dubai International Boat Show 2014
Pyrotek Noise Control exhibited at the 2014 Dubai International Boat Show at the Dubai International Marine Club - Mina Sayahi.
Pyrotek Noise Control at the China (Shanghai) International Boat Show 2014
Pyrotek exhibited its Marine industry products at the China (Shanghai) International Boat Show 2014

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Reapor Along Gunnedah Rail Line
The Gunnedah coal basin located in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW Australia, provides significant volume of high quality export coal.
Classroom Noise Lowered for Better Learning Spaces
Pyrotek Noise Control lowers classroom and rain noise for better learning space.
Echoush Acoustic Panels Successfully Manage the 'Café Effect' in Dux Dine Restaurant, Christchurch
Echoush acoustic panels successfully manage the ‘Café Effect’ in Dux Dine Restaurant, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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