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Pyrotek Noise Control (NC) is a division of parent company Pyrotek. We provide customers with sound absorption products and tailored acoustic insulation solutions.

Established in Australia in 1972, we have worked hard to design and manufacture a wide variety of materials for environments where noise reduction is required. By utilising our in-house engineering services, we are able to produce customised soundproofing plans to meet your unique noise reduction needs.

Our aim is to help you realise improved cost savings by delivering a level of quality that is scarcely found in other offerings. Our product range is designed to solve common noise and vibration problems found in industries such as: construction, automotive, marine, and residential environments.

The Pyrotek R&D team are continually working on new ways of tackling the problem of noisy environments. The ongoing goal of our specialist engineers is to create advanced materials and innovative products which anticipate changing customer needs. Our expertise is reinforced by the strong ties we maintain with strategic partners. Add to this our state-of-the-art production facilities, which are ISO Quality Assurance Standards certified, and it’s no wonder our noise proofing solutions deliver on quality and price time-after-time.

About our parent company
Our parent company, Pyrotek, is a privately owned, international organisation. For almost a half-century, they have supplied materials to metals, glass, and hearth industries around the world. Pyrotek specialises in the supply of aluminium, foundry, glass, zinc, steel, and hearth products.

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Case studies

Lights Out Pyrotek Turns Off Loud Noise During Manufacturing
Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a common problem in the manufacturing industry. Pyrotek Noise Control was able to provide a custom solution to minimise the effects of NIHL for Lightforce's manufacturing staff.
Funky panels control café effect in a contemporary way
Pyrotek Noise Control was able to provide a solution to a noisy restaurant affected by the 'Cafe effect' where occupants subconsciously raise their voice to compete with reflected noise from other occupants.

Latest news

Lower the Volume
Pyrotek Noise Control has solutions to lower the volume of live musice venues, to provide peace and quiet for their neighbours.
Top 10 Noises Melbournians Love to Hate
Research has revealed that construction noise is the most hated noise in Melbourne. Read on to find out which other annoying noises made the top 10.

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