Manly Courtyard Quieter for Patrons

The challenges

A restaurant located near Manly Beach in Sydney recently redeveloped their small outdoor courtyard to improve the environment for customers. They wanted the look to tie in with the relaxed vibe and also be functional and comfortable. Situated within a mix of commercial and residential properties, the courtyard acoustic treatment needed to meet the NRC 0.80 (Noise Reduction Coefficient) requirement to reduce excessive sound or noise from disturbing the neighbouring community.

While conducting a site inspection, Renzo Tonin & Associates discovered that the existing courtyard’s walling structure wasn’t adequate to meet the local NRC 0.80 requirement. The wall had an inconsistent structure which reduced the acoustic quality in the outdoor courtyard. Therefore, reverberation was an issue - where it was found to be interfering with comfort levels.

Reverberation is caused when noise is reflected off a surface and is more noticeable within a venue without proper acoustic treatment. As a listener, the build up of reflections increases the intensity of the sound - appearing louder than the original source.In a dining environment without adequate acoustic treatment, this can cause major discomfort. When a number of conversations happen at once in a confined space, the sound is reflected around the area, adding unwanted noise into the atmosphere.

The solutions

The courtyard required acoustic treatment that can meet the customer’s need and fit with the look of the restaurant. Renzo Tonin & Associates specified Viterolite - a versatile sound absorber that is suitable for the application.

Viterolite is manufactured from expanded glass granules that are produced from recycled glass. The processed granules are bonded together using a polymer resin binder, resulting in a highly porous absorber. It is lightweight, durable, resistant to weather, nonfibrous and non-toxic - making it the ideal product to suit the application.

The results

The application of Viterolite achieved the NRC 0.80 requirement with a 25 mm air gap, as illustrated below on the ‘Sound Absorption’ graph. Viterolite successfully reduced the amount of reverberation, fitted with the restaurant’s décor and provided an appealing area to dine in and enjoy a good conversation.

Manly CS Graph

Tested to AS ISO 354:2006 at RMIT, Test report No. 14-176/PD
Graph 1: Sound Absorption Coefficients of Viterolite 50/600600 panels tested with a 25 mm air gap.

Installation of Viterolite provided an acoustic solution to blend with the outdoor décor.

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